Monday, June 20, 2011

Most Recent.... My gun shot victim

Sorry it might be a little to visual and gross for some, but Jason insisted i post this. Last Thursday Jason had been out past Cedar Fort with the Department, doing a shooting course and training. I got a call about 2 o'clock and he said " don't freak out or anything but my arms been shot". I think i stayed pretty calm considering the circumstances. I was only stressing cause I had two baseball games in the next two hours, and need to figure out what i was going to do with the boys and meet Jason at the ER. Once I got there and realized it wasn't his shoulder ( for some reason that's where I thought it had gone) and he has all upbeat, I calmed down tremendously. We''ll what we believe to have happen is that while he was shooting his course a bullet ricochet off something and sliced his arm. Nothing was found in there, and I'm so grateful it was only this cause it could have been a lot worse. What a strong man I have! taking bullets in the arm and working that same night.

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I have a lot more pictures/videos to post of the kids and
the end of the year, like Brendens kindergarten graduation,
and dance festival. I just don't know how to post the
Videos. I'll figure it out sooner or later. Sorry

Emma Graduated Preschool and will start kindergarten this fall. It's so crazy how big she has gotten in the two and half years i've been apart of her life. They grow up too fast!

I love you Emma Lynn.

This is a picture of Connor at his play, he is the "small" one in the front with the black hat and blue and yellow costume. He was so cute! Knew every line. He loved it so much he ran up to me
right after and said " I want to do it next year!"

Connor loves soccer, Connor needs a haircut. He
brings so much joy to our house, he can be funny,
crazy, sensitive and annoying at times. I wouldn't
change him for the world. I love him so much and
can't believe he is nine.

Everyone at Connor's birthday party

Jason at Texas Roadhouse for his Birthday dinner " Ride em Cowboy"

UpDate.... it's about time

So much for being better at this whole blog thing. I'll go ahead and give it another try, bare with me. A few reasons why i haven't done anything on our blog is one, We've been crazy busy as I'm sure everyone is. Second from about January till Mid May I was sicker than a dog.... cause yes I'm pregnant!! We are expecting another BOY! on November 2 and so excited, yes i was hopping for a little girl but that just isn't in the cards for me i guess. Don't get me wrong I'm so happy to add another boy to this basketball team of mine, I just know what to do with boys :).

So I'm just going to try and give a short rundown of the last few months of what we've been up to, and post some pictures. It may not be all in order but hopefully you can see and put two and two Well Jason turned 30 in March and i threw him a surprise birthday party at my work and hired a dj/ karaoke guy, it was so much fun and he sure was surprised! Since then we've had a few Birthday's I turned 29, Brenden turned 6, And Connor turned 9.... and we still have 3 more to go. Connor was in Up With Kids and had been working on a play "Alice and Wonderland" From August to April. He preformed for everyone at the end of April, and loved every minute of it. We started baseball at the end of April and it's coming to and end this week. Cooper plays for the championship on Tuesday and Jordan also plays Tuesday for the winner of the consolation bracket. Then we had all the end of the school year stuff, field day and the dance festival. I have to admit I'm definitely glad school is out, running to the school four times a day was a killer. Next year should be better, with everyone in All Day!! So now it's summer and we've started swimming lessons, and have a lot more fun things planned. i hope to finally stay caught up on this... at least till the little one gets here.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Year.... Better Blogger!!

Oh my gosh I'm a huge slacker, i can never find the time to sit down and blog.... or I'm not making the time :). I know we are already a month in to the new year but I'm making a New Years resolution now to be better at this blogging thing. I want to start blogging everything down so i can TRY and put books together for my kids and family. I'm not going to bore you with my hectic and busy life or post a thousand pics. But for the past several months we finished football, moved, made it through the holidays, and now Jason has started school... on top of his full time, part time jobs and everything in between. He is unbelievable! Jordan is Doing basketball ( another sport he is really good at), Connor is in a program called "Up With Kids" an acting class they are putting together a play "Alice And Wonderland" Which he will preform in April ( He loves it and couldn't be happier) Cooper Finished his basketball season before Christmas and is now waiting for baseball ( Even though he tells me he wants to do anything and everything under the sun) He has been struggling with his seizures for a few months and hope to get it back under control at the first of February, when we go back up to Primary Children's. Brenden and Emma are our funny busy little 5 year old's.... always making us stay on our toes. As for me (The Mom, The Wife) Just supporting and taking care of everyone which i love and wouldn't have it any other way. I love this family we have created!
Stay tuned in the next while for more updates, cause baseball season will be starting, lots of birthdays and I'm bound and determined to get better at this.